i4cp HRBP Development Assessment & Report Review

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Relationship-Based Feedback
The HR Business Partner Assessment is a self-directed online multi-rater process. The HRBP selects feedback providers who know them best in their role as HRBP: business unit heads, other business leaders, peers in HR and from COEs, the HRBP’s manager and the HRBP themselves.

Helping HRBPs to Grow and Achieve
The HR Business Partner stands out as a uniquely influential role. Today, more than ever, organizations depend on skilled HR professionals in the HRBP job. Understanding how others see their capabilities in action can be one of the most important steps on the path to enhancing HRBP contribution.

Assessment Capability Areas
i4cp’s HRBP Development Assessment was validated with input from senior HRBP leaders, industry experts, and i4cp research -- in other words, the people who know this role the best. It will help you quickly identify your existing strengths and development needs. The assessment covers six major HRBP capability areas: Business Acumen, HR Knowledge & Expertise, Relationship & Interpersonal Skills, Consultation & Influence, Talent Planning & Risk Management and People Analytics.

Taking Action
i4cp’s HRBP Assessment produces an in-depth, personalized Strengths and Development Needs Report that clearly identifies performance points where development is needed. Additionally, feedback providers share narrative comments with their views on HRBP capabilities and improvement opportunities. The assessment report includes a guide to building an individual development plan that lays out a practical process for moving forward from feedback-to-insight-to-action.

Report Review and Coaching Session
Once an HRBP has completed the HRBP assessment and received the Strengths and Development Needs Report, i4cp offers a one-hour Report Review and Coaching Session designed to increase the developmental value of the assessment process.

Conducted by an experienced HR professional, this session helps the HRBP to understand all aspects of their assessment report and provides a supportive sounding board and coach for discussion of assessment feedback. Many HRBPs rate this session as the best part of the assessment process, providing them with an excellent springboard to help focus on key development priorities.